WEEX Community Volunteer Recruitment Order

WEEX Community Volunteer Recruitment Order


waiting for you to join and maintain.

WEEX To practice the concept of the WEEX  community 【sharing. Co-governance and win-win】, the platform will invite more users to join as WEEX Weike volunteers.

What is the WEEX community?

The WEEX community is a user-centered resource gathering place for co-governance and sharing of multi-party investment experts. There have been investment bosses in the financial field for many years, as well as traders who are keen on digital currency. Here, we can create investment blueprints and share investment experiences with many like-minded people. Here, the beginner can also become a god in seconds, and the WEEX can new hot information and market dynamics and share trading strategies daily. You can learn WEEX videos for free and realize easy investment with one click.

In 2021, we held community events and platform events large and small and airdropped nearly 2 million USDT for users to participate.

In March 2022, we have the first WEEX global brand spokesperson - Wu Zongxian( Jacky Wu). And have held ten special events for Jacky Wu in the community, and All airdrop bonuses can buy 2 BTC.

In May 2022, we held non-threshold active airdrop events in the community and set up 30,000 USDT for users to collect. The number of participants has exceeded 400+. The achievements are inseparable from active participation and the full support of all users.

Why recruit community volunteers?

The torrent of blockchain is leading more people on the ship of the metaverse, and more people have seen the profit map of digital currency contract transactions. The community users are becoming increasingly active, and there are still people constantly amusing our WEEX to friends around us. We are encouraged by the dedication and activity of many users. We decided to invite more people to join WEEX. Get a monthly fixed income based on contributions.

1. Let the community return to rationality.

2. Make discussions more valuable.
3. Fight false information, and maintain brand reputation.
4. Popularize one-click copy orders, and make it easy for the beginner to trade.

So we need some volunteers to work with us.

As long as you:

1. Agree with the way of doing things and values of the WEEX team.
2. You love the blockchain industry and are familiar with digital currency
contract transactions.
3. Have more leisure time and are willing to interact with friends in the community.

You can:
1. Assist official personnel in managing the WEEX community.
2. Answer the problems community users encounter when using WEEX.
3. Popularize the WEEX contract trading platform, and escort the asset safety of more people.
4. Assist WEEX in official maintenance of beginner operation tutorials, FAQs, Etc.
You can also get :
1. WEEX Weike fixed 100USDT airdrop per month welfare
2. WEEX Wei Ke customized peripherals and holiday gifts
3. WEEX Wei Ke Community Volunteers Exclusive Medal of Honor
4. Get the latest developments in the blockchain industry for the first time.
5. For volunteers who are eager to join WEEX, you can get the opportunity to push inside,
Click on the WEEX registration form and participate immediately.