SIX Swiss Exchange's Trading Jumps 2.8% in May

SIX Swiss Exchange's Trading Jumps 2.8% in May


SIX Swiss Exchange, Europe's third largest stock exchange and top post-trade service provider, recorded a 2.8% growth month-on-month (MoM) in its total trading turnover for May 2022.

The service provider, which hit CHF 109.4 billion in trading turnover in the said month, also saw its total number of transactions rise by 13.8% to 5,502,484.

“Since the beginning of 2022, trading turnover reached CHF 607.9 billion with a total of 29,485,471 transactions,” the exchange wrote in a statement that outlines the volumes. 

SIX's Past Performance

The exchange had recorded a trading turnover of CHF 106.5 billion in April. This was a 30% decline in trading volumes. 

This is in contrast to March when the exchange saw a 29.5% surge in its trading turnover which capped at CHF 152.1 billion. 

The exchange also disclosed that the Swiss Market Index (SMI), Switzerland's blue-chip stock market index, dropped by 4.3% in May and reached 11,611.4 points at the end of the month.

Earlier in April, the index had dipped 0.3% to 12,128.8 points.


SIX further disclosed that it recorded the highest turnover on a single trading on 11 May. 

The day “saw securities worth a total volume of CHF 9.4 billion changing hands.”

“The highest number of trades was also recorded on 11 May, with 322,205,” the exchange added. 

According to SIX, ROCHE GS, the stock of Roche, a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company, generated the highest turnover in May. ROCHE GS hit CHF 10.3 billion. 

“ROCHE GS was also the most traded stock with 366,831 transactions,” it added. 

Crypto ETPs

Additionally, SIX disclosed that products with cryptocurrencies as their underlying assets reached a trading turnover of CHF 249.6 million in May. 

In total, it said, 215 products were traded and 17,057 transactions were concluded. 

“The highest turnover was recorded by ABTC, an exchange traded product (ETP) on Bitcoin, with CHF 30.0 million; the most transactions were recorded by AETH, an ETP on Ethereum, with 2,527 trades,” SIX further disclosed.

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